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Lash Perming

Why would you want an eyelash perm?

An eyelash perm is a face-enhancing beauty treatment designed to give straight eyelashes an attractive upwards curl without using eyelash curlers, because call it an optical illusion but upturned eyelashes look longer than very straight ones, and who doesn’t want more length right?


How eyelash perms work.

Eyelashes are coated with a specialist adhesive and wrapped around tiny foam rollers or clips. This holds the lashes in the curled position that you’re hoping to achieve. The client then keeps their eyes closed and a perming solution or is applied to the eyelashes with a special brush. The Eyelashes are then covered for a short period in plastic wrap whilst the solution takes effect (around 5 minutes). After the perming solution has done it’s magic, a neutralising solution is then applied. All in all, curled lashes take about 45 minutes and cost just £25 at Time For You Too.

Why not book in for a free consultation today?

What’s more, perming at £25 includes a FREE tint. A lash lift lasting 4-6 weeks. A stunning curl that will look like you are wearing mascara.

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Eyelash perm